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Our Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research Service

Why Most Keyword Services Suck

Most keyword research services just use tools to find what they THINK are easy keywords. However, tools are extremely unreliable and innacurate to calculate keyword competition. Especially for Amazon Affiliate sites. Here's why:

  • Tools can't see PBN links. This is probably one of the biggest issues with tools. As you may already know, most affiliate sites use PBN links to boost their websites. Most PBN services block crawlers so nobody can see the network. How can the tools be reliable if they can't see the most powerful links pushing the pages up?
  • Most tools use Moz metrics. Moz has the most innacurate and easily spammed metrics. Besides, Moz has such slow and crappy crawlers that they barely see any backlinks. If Moz has no idea how many backlinks a site has, how can the metrics be reliable? If the metrics aren't reliable, how can the tools be accurate when they rely on these metrics?
  • Tools only consider on-page optimisation and offpage backlinks. No tool can calculate the internal linking power of a website. Pages like Amazon category pages or Walmart category pages are powered up by thousands of internal pages linking to them. The tools show that these category pages are easy to outrank but if you've ever tried, you know how hard it really is.
More importantly, most of us have tried to rank these so-called easy keywords based on tools scores and found out how hard they really are.

How Our Service Is Different

  1. We only use tools as an initial filter and don't even consider the score while checking the competition.
  2. All the Page 1 results are checked manually.
  3. Keywords have a minumim volume of 1500 USA Monthly Searches.
  4. All our keywords are buyer intent keywords with the words best, review or reviews in them.
  5. A lot of keywords don't have any affiliate sites on Page 1. These are the best and easiest keywords.
  6. Sometimes, there may be a couple of weak affiliate sites that are either not optimised for the keyword or don't have powerful backlinks powering them up. These sites are mostly shown because of lack of diversity in search results and because Google has no idea what else to show.
  7. Overall, the keywords are very very easy to rank with just a few links and good on-page optimisation.
  8. We accept payments only through Fiverr so we're both protected from any fraud or scam.

Sample Keyword

Here's an example of a low competition keyword. We've decided to show you a low volume keyword since there's no point making a valuable, high volume keyword public. We don't really sell low volume keywords so it's okay to reveal them.

The keyword is: Bernie Mev Shoes Review. This keyword has about 250 monthly USA searches. Check out the top 10 results:

bernie mev shoes review

  As you can see, the Page 1 results are a joke. There are no PBN sites powering any of these sites. The results show high authority sites only because there's nothing else to show. Out of the 10 results, only one result has a review of the shoes. The rest are just irrelevant and ranking because there's nothing else to show.

Please compare the competition of this keyword to any tool based keyword service and you'll instantly see the difference. If Page 1 is full of affiliate sites, you can be rest assured that most of them (if not all) are powered by PBN sites that are blocked to crawlers. It'll be very expensive to rank for such keywords.

The keywords we give you however, are free of strong affiliate sites so it's easy to accurately guage the competiton and cheap to rank.

Pricing Information

We don't have a fixed pricing system. Pricing depends on the search volumes and product price. It also depends on the current stock. As you can imagine, it's hard work to manually check thousands of results. If we're low on stock, prices will generally tend to be higher. It's best to contact us so you can place an order.

Also, we find that it's best to deal through Fiverr so both parties are protected against any scam or fraud. We do lose a certain percentage of profits due to Fiverr fees but it's a small price to pay to avoid all the hassles and it's also great for our cusomters who are dealing with us for the first time.

If you're a new customer, you'll be happy to know that we will only get the payment once you're completely satisfied with the keyword you receive. It's a win-win situation.

If you don't already have a Fiverr account, you can sign up here: Fiverr